Great Scott! 5 Facts That Will Make You Love Back to the Future Even More


No matter how big of a movie fan you consider yourself, sometimes (although it’s hard to admit!) not one of us can know absolutely everything about our favorite movies. I’m always looking for new and exciting facts about the movies I love. Recently, I was looking at a selection of facts about one of the greatest trilogies of all time, Robert Zemeckis’ Back of the Future (Parts I – III). Some even increased by already high praise of the trilogy. So, without further ado… Here’s 5 awesome facts about Back to the Future!

5. Frozen in Time…

Doc and Marty’s Delorean is perhaps the most iconic and recognisable time machine in movie history, but did you know that it wasn’t originally designed as a car at all? Instead, Doc and Marty’s trip back to the future was scripted to happen inside a refrigerator!

4. How I Met Your Mother

Back to the Future was originally rejected by Columbia Pictures for it’s lack of sex appeal. Then, Zemeckis and the rest of the team were rejected by Disney for being a little too edgy… specifically for the ‘motherly love’ Marty narrowly avoids just before prom. Since then Disney have become more lenient with similar plot lines, now owning the rights to the most famous character to ever passionately kiss his sister, Luke Skywalker.

3. Practical Jokers

One of the most shocking facts about Back to the Future is that, despite the movie’s sci-fi themes, it only has a total of 32 shots containing special effects. That adds up to just over one every 3.5 minutes!

2. A Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Although those of us who watch the English speaking version of Back to the Future remember Marty’s alias as Calvin Klein, this was changed for Spanish and French speaking audiences. The joke still holds up though, as Marty calls himself Levi’s Strauss in Spanish and Pierre Cardin in the French version of the movie!

1. Marty Mcfly’s Fancy Dress

The movie is filled with foreshadowing and easter eggs for eagle-eyed fans, but this is definitely one of my favorites! If you look closely at Marty Mcfly’s embarrassingly colorful western costume in Back to the Future Part III, you’ll notice that he is proudly sporting the symbol for atomic energy on his shoulders and cuffs.

I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed sharing them. If you have any interesting facts about Back to the Future, let me know with a comment!

Source: IMDB, Shortlist

13 thoughts on “Great Scott! 5 Facts That Will Make You Love Back to the Future Even More

  1. Great list!

    I read Michael A. Fox’s autobiography (He changed it to J. as a better stage name) “Lucky Man” years ago which was a brilliant read. In it he describes his film career and his diagnosis of Parkinson’s which is fascinating. One particularly memorable story – which may be common knowledge but wants to me before I read it – was that on he set of Back to the Future III when he is being strung up by Tannen’s gang, the stunt went wrong. The noose is real but the placement of his hands was to prevent him suffocating – he got it wrong and they had to cut him down when they realised he was choking. It may have contributed to his later illness but a lucky escape no less!

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  2. Here’s a bonus involving #1: When Marty says “Clint Eastwood never wore anything like this”, he’s also next to two movie posters: “Revenge of the Creature” and “Tarantula”. Both films were early un-credited bit parts in Clint’s historic career and both came out in 1955, though R.O.T.C. was released in May (or March if you count the Denver premiere) and Tarantula came out in November/December. In Revenge of the Creature, he played a Lab Technician named Jennings while Tarantula saw him playing the leader of a fighter jet squadron.

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