At the Matinée is a blog initiative founded by Film journalist Samuel Harries. The space is used for original feature articles that offer innovative ideas to film discussion. We hope that they can provide food for thought in regards to the film industry and the concepts behind some of our favourite films.

All views, lively discussions and constructive expression related to film on this blog and it’s content are welcomed and encouraged. We are grateful for your readership and hope you all enjoy At the Matinée as much as we enjoy creating it.


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  1. Thanks for following us! No, this is not an automated response thing, this is actually person, sitting at their computer, currently typing this thanks before going to bed. (I look forward to browsing your blog more in the morning too–and also sitting at a better angle because this one sucks.)
    We’re making a film this summer titled, The Commission, and are trying to aim it toward a wider scope than just a ‘Christian Film.’ A goal of ours is to talk to all people and encourage them to work with joy and diligence in whatever they do–to try to enthuse everybody to have happiness in what they do. And honestly, if you have recommendations on how to reach people on that topic, we’d love to here it! Check out our page blog thing if you want to find out more, or just comment to us! We love talking film!

    Again, thanks for the follow!

    -Dan from Daniel Waltz Films


    1. Hey! Thanks a lot!
      I’ve only been doing it since late January, but I’m really enjoying it so it should be around for quite a while! I hope you enjoy future posts as much as the last one! 🙂


  2. Thanks for the follow! Your blog seems so interesting and very well written. Also the Captain America post surprisingly helped me with my own creative work so thanks for that too ^^


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